Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Weekend in a Treehouse

We spent the most lovely weekend recently in the Hill Countey. We walked around the lake, hiked in the hills, ate at new restaurants and just enjoyed each other's company. It was a fabulous weekend. 

Frozen on Ice

We recently went to see Frozen on Ice. All the girls, even Kaylee, love frozen. It's magical and watching it on ice was even more magical. Even Spencer enjoyed himself. I love my little family so very much. I love spending time with them. 

Siena Sprung Soccer Season

Siena started her spring season of soccer this past week. She is so excited. I'm her coach again and I'm so excited to see her blossom again. 

Kaylee Choir

This past year Kaylee was in the 6th grade choir at Draper. She really enjoyed it. She did such a great job and has such a beautiful voice. We are so proud of her. 

Sleeping Beauty

My sweet Isabel can sleep almost anywhere. . She's such a sleeping beauty. 

Kaylee singing in sacrament

Kaylee was asked to sing A Child's Prayer in Sacrament. She did a beautiful job. M so proud of her and the beautiful young lady she is turning into. I love her so very much. 

Spring break 2015

We had such a lovely Spring Break. I sure love having all the children home.